Book Release

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Education and Conversation: Exploring Oakeshott’s Legacy will be coming out this May, through Bloomsbury Publishing. Edited by Dr. David Bakhurst and Dr. Paul Fairfield, this work explores the implications of Michael Oakeshott's educational ideas, as they are elucidated through in both analytic and continental traditions. In doing so, the work achieves greater clarity on the ends of education and the pedagogical significance of conversation. As one reviewer describes it:

“Drawing together leading figures from philosophy and education, Bakhurst and Fairfield's Education and Conversation positions Oakeshott's work within a contemporary context, offering not only an important contribution to the understanding of Oakeshott's own thinking, but also showing why his work remains relevant today. The conversational vision that Oakeshott enunciates, and upon which Bakhurst and Fairfield's contributors elaborate, provides a compelling alternative to the unthinking instrumentalism and reductionism that seems currently to hold sway in business, governmental, and even in many educational circles. This is a valuable book on an important theme.”

—Jeff Malpas, Distinguished Professor, University of Tasmania, Australia