Welcome to EPiC

The Education, Philosophy and Conversation Project (EPiC) is concerned with examining the nature of conversation as a mode of human interaction and mutual engagement, and to explore its educational significance as a distinctive medium for teaching and learning. Questions addressed include the logic and norms of conversation, conversational virtues, shared and collective intentionality and knowledge of other minds, the epistemology of testimony, mutual understanding and the meeting of minds, modes of teaching and learning, and the scope and limits of new learning technologies.

EPiC is based at Queen’s University at Kingston, where its activities are organized by Professor David Bakhurst and Professor Paul Fairfield.  The project manager is Michael Vossen.   

David Bakhurst acknowledges the support of the Spencer Foundation for his research on “Education, Conversation and New Learning Technologies”, in connection with which the EPiC project was established.

For further information or questions, please contact EPiC.