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"Trouble with Knowledge" Published

July 29, 2018

David Bakhurst’s “Trouble with Knowledge” has been published in Philosophy, 93 (3).

ANU Presentation

June 18, 2018

David Bakhurst will be presenting his paper “Practice, Sensibility, and Moral Education” at ANU.  The paper is to appear in Journal of Philosophy of Education, 52 (4).

Monash University

June 9, 2018

David Bakhurst will present “Ilyenkov, Education and Philosophy” and “On the Concept of Perezhivanie” during a two-day visit to Monash University’s School of Education in June 2018.

Emma Williams’s “To Catch and Let Go" Published

February 1, 2018 to May 20, 2018

Emma Williams’s “’To Catch and Let Go’: David Bakhurst, Phenomenology and Post-phenomenology”, appeared in Journal of Philosophy of Education 52(1): 87-104.

David Bakhurst's "Activity, Action and Self-Consciousness" Published.

January 1, 2018

David Bakhurst’s “Activity, Action and Self-Consciousness”, appeared in the Hall of Fame issue of Educational Review, 70(1): 91-99, together with Alex Levant’s discussion of Bakhurst’s 2009 article “Reflections on Activity Theory”.